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Alumo Secret

Alumo, as precious as mountain crystal: the finest fabrics of exquisite quality, unmatched in softness and durability. We are inspired by the majesty of the mountains and are living a great tradition of craftsmanship to produce exclusive cottons in the finest quality.

Our unique characteristics:

  • 100 years of tradition
  • Luxurious two-ply cotton for bespoke shirts
  • Exquisite ALUMO quality, appreciable softness and durability
  • Only the finest extra-long staple cotton is used
  • Designed and finished in Switzerland
  • Fast and personal service


Gossypium barbadense, also known as Extra-long staple (ELS) cotton, is a species of cotton plant that has been cultivated to have staples longer than 35 mm that are associated with high quality products. Varieties of ELS cotton include WISICA Sea Island, American Pima, Egyptian ELS Gizas, Indian Suvin.

Just 3% of the worldwide cotton production satisfies this standard and only 10% of these meet the higher Alumo standards!

Benefits of ELS Cotton:

  • Unique soft touch
  • Uniformity, evenness
  • High resistance and durability - withstand several years of use and washing
  • Finest cotton available


For the smooth Alumo fabric exclusively two-ply yarn is used. The industry standard grading, called «Number English», goes from 80/2 to 240/2. For price reasons, often only single yarns are used for shirting. Two-ply yarns however, are composed of two single strands. The higher the number the finer the yarn.

Benefits of two-ply:

  • 20% better strength than single yarn
  • Fabric surface will be more even
  • Texture, hand feel is more beefy than singles
  • Luxury lustre and softness
  • Smooth fabric surface with substantial hand feel

To illustrate the fineness - 1 gram of our Soyella yarn (Ne 170’s) extend to 145 meters!

Thread Count

Thread count is often referred to with numbers like 100s, 120s, 140s, 160s, and so on. These numbers refer to the yarn size. The cotton spinning industry uses English cotton count (Ne), which is determined by the number of yarn hanks (1 hank = 840 yards /770 metres long) per pound of yarn, and is notated “Ne”. 140 Ne means there are 140 hanks of yarn in one pound. It is incorrect to assume 80s = 80 threads per inch. Regardless, 140 s fabric has a higher thread count than 120s, and 160s fabric has a higher thread count than 140s, and so on.

The higher the yarn number the finer the yarn!

Weaving Art

For our high quality, which is valued worldwide, we do not give up the threads and keep the entire production from design to finishing in our hands. After the exquisite selection of extra long staple cotton, we process it into the finest threads, which we weave into our unique fabrics in the group-owned mill.


Fabric construction is the key to finishing up with a superb fabric. A wide variety of different fabric constructions are possible. There is an art to knowing which constructions are best for which yarn count.

The density of the fabric is measured with Ends = Warp density and Pics = Weft density per centimeter.

Our design team und technical experts all have long term experience in creating perfectly balanced qualities that look and feel nice but also last. Every new development is thoroughly tested to ensure that all parameters like seam slippage, wash performance, shrinkage, etc. are fulfilled.

Just imagine: our classic Supraluxe has over 10’000 ends!


A very important part in our process is the finishing. Our Swiss finishing knowhow has a tradition of more than 200 years !

Why finishing?
We improve the look, the performance such as shrinkage, and reach a crisp white shade and the typical silky soft hand feel.

Sustainable Textile Production STeP by OEKO-TEX® is a certification system which provides services in terms of sustainable production conditions, including environmental performance, environmental management, chemical management, quality management, social responsibility, health protection and work safety which we fulfil at highest rating with Level 3.

Thanks to an incomparably soft and natural finishing, we are perfecting our fabrics to the unparalleled ALUMO quality.


Treasured because of our strong manufactural character and valued for our craftsmanship, we produce exclusive two-ply fabrics of superb and most enduring quality. Steadfast as the Swiss mountains, we maintain our 100 year-old tradition of our high quality ALUMO standard. We only use the finest extra-long staple cotton for a fabric, that is designed and refined in Switzerland, to finest shirting with an excellent finish. With our prompt and personal service, which fully meets our high product quality, we are guided by your values.

Wearing benefits:

  • Soft, natural finish
  • Silky touch
  • Outstanding breathing properties
  • Skin friendly
  • Extremely comfortable to wear

Care Instructions

To be happy with our fabrics for a long time, please look after them well. Learn about the care instructions that need to be applied when washing and dry cleaning.

Home washing:

  • Turn the shirt inside out and set the temperature at maximum 60° Celsius / 140° Fahrenheit
  • Use a liquid detergent without bleaching additives
  • For stubborn stains, apply some detergent directly on the stains
  • Do not overload the machine, and spin at not more than 600 revs. After spinning, shirt should still be quite wet = fewer creases
  • Do not tumble dry; hang on hanger to dry

Dry cleaning:

  • Please make sure that your dry cleaner understands that an Alumo shirt is a delicate product
  • Any dry cleaning solvent other than trichloroethylene may be used safely, but please do not bleach

Sales Support

Alumo offers a strong support to sell its fabrics:

  • 2 Sartoria Books with over 400 qualities that are always available in stock
  • Sartoria ligth version for travelling
  • Cut length service worldwide
  • Twice per year we present our seasonal Summer and Autumn Novelties
  • Sew-in-labels, hang tags/booklets as well as decoration material
  • Digital brand kit that provides the essence of our brand, such as design identity elements, images and key messages

For seasonal mailings, please feel free to discuss your needs with us.

Sartoria Books

2 Sartoria Books with over 400 qualities that are always available in stock. Check out how to use our handy books of the «Never Out of Stock» Programme.

Sartoria Light

The Sartoria collection is also available as handy travel version.

Sales Pitch

We always get asked «what is the best» and here we really recommend: ask your client what is the condition he faces in his business and private life.
We offer special fabrics for different occasions:

  • If we talk to a business men I would definitely suggest our Voyage line with a top wrinkle-free performance to look elegant all day long.
  • If our client is a concert pianist I would recommend our luxury Soyella 170 two-ply or our Salvatore Triplo 160 three-ply with a wonderful lustre and shine.
  • For men living in a warm, humid climate we suggest light weights like Zephir Soyella with only 65 grams or the Zephirlino with 30% linen.
  • Another beautiful alternative is Ettore, an airy Voile/Poplin weave just perfect for hot summer days
  • Always a good choice is our best seller Supraluxe 120 two-ply, that is appreciated by our customers worldwide for its fine quality, comfort and durability.

There is no general answer to the question «what is the best», however, there is always an answer to all client‘s conditions.


For us, the sustainability of our fabrics and our work method is a natural part of our self-image. Because just like our finest cotton fabrics, only the best is good enough for us when it comes to sustainability too. This means we make no compromises either when it comes to sustainability. Our building blocks for a holistic and effective sustainability promise are a guarantee of the highest quality, an innate motivation to act ethically and a genuine commitment to preserving nature in all its diversity and beauty. So you can be confident that all our fabrics meet the strictest sustainability requirements.

Proof of Due Diligence

We believe it is crucial to take responsibility for our economic activity and our supply chain, which is why we pursue a consistent due diligence approach. We are certified according to the strict STeP by OEKO-TEX criteria. We are proud to announce that our performance within the certification is rated at Level 3 – “Best Practice”. This rating is in line with our ongoing commitment to achieve greater sustainability. The STeP certification independently audits and certifies sustainable textile companies according to a complex standard and rates them across six categories: Chemical Management, Environmental Performance, Environmental Management, Social Responsibility, Occupational Health and Safety and Quality Management.

This applies not only to us, but to all direct suppliers who are also STeP certified and rated Level 3 – “Best Practice”. Through the STeP certification, our suppliers also receive confirmation of their compliance with the ZDHC MRSL (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals, Manufacturing Restricted Substance List).


How to find us

Rare and much desired, but easy to find. ALUMO is at home right in the middle of one of the most traditional places in Switzerland.

Alumo AG
Zielstrasse 38
9050 Appenzell

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